Technical Specifications:
Objective lens diameter, mm 75
Focal length, mm 600
Aperture ratio 1:8
Resolution limit 1.8"
Max potential magnification 150X
Limiting stellar magnitude 11.2m
Optical Scheme Achromatic Refractor
Objective lens design Airspaced doublet
Finder, visual magnification, x
Focusing device 1.25", 2" Crayford
Tube Length, mm 640
OTA Material Steel

Comes with the following accessories:
Super Plossl 12.5mm
2X Modular Barlow lens
Metal eyepiece spacer
4X Finderscope with mounting bracket
Yellow eyepiece filter
Tal75ROTA mounting clamp
90 Degree Star Diagonal 1.25"

Mounting clamp allows using TAL75R OTA on EQ mount or any Photo Tripod.

TAL-75R is designed for both visual and astro imaging use, and provides stunning high-resolution images. This instrument combines a modern optical design with traditional high-quality engineering for discerning astronomers. The steel OTA contains carefully ray-traced baffles to eliminate stray light, providing crisp, high-contrast images. TAL75R can be used as excellent Finder Scope or Guiding scope for astrophotography.

The latest TAL75R model is equipped with a smooth friction-type Crayford focusing mechanism and plastic dew shield with lens cap.

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