TAL-125-5APO Out of Stock

Technical Specifications:  
Objective lens diameter, mm 125
Focal length, mm 940
Aperture ratio 1:7.5
Resolution limit 1"
Max potential magnification 375x
Limiting stellar magnitude 12m
Optical Scheme Apochromatic Refractor
Finder, visual magnification, x
objective lens diameter, mm
Focusing device 1.25", 2" Crayford
Tube length, mm 1150
OTA Material Steel
Telescope weight, lbs 17.5

Comes with the following accessories:
Plywood storage case (48" x 9.5" x 9")
6X30 Finderscope with mounting bracket
TAL Illuminator with 2 LR44 elements
90 Degree Star Diagonal, 1.25"

TAL 125-5APO and German EQ mount

The CG4 Mount can handle up to 20lb OTA weight, has widely available online accessories like a Polar Scope for precision mount alignment, and 2Axis drive motors for automatic tracking. Also some "GOTO" systems compatible. Excellent choice for beginners. Comes with custom Dovetail Bar for mount.

TAL125-5APO and Celestron OMNI CG4 Out of Stock

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TAL-125-5APO is designed for both visual and astro imaging use, and provides stunning, high-resolution images virtually free of false color. This instrument combines a modern optical design with traditional, high-quality engineering for discerning astronomers.

Astro photography was an important design criteria for this telescope. The TAL 125-5APO optical design produces a flat field of view required for CCD or CMOS sensors for high-quality astro photography (just like photo lenses do). Most telescopes, apochromatic or achromatic refractors, produce a curved field of view that will require expensive field correctors to flatten the optical field.

TAL 125-5APO is ready for astro photography right out of the box. The unique TAL-125-5APO objective lens system comprises of three components, the first is a single biconvex lens, the second consists of a biconvex lens, biconcave lens and converging-meniscus lens, the third one consists of biconvex lens and biconcave lens. Two types of optical glass are used in the construction to provide superb corrections.

The latest TAL125-5 APO model is equipped with a smooth-friction type Crayford focusing mechanism and aluminum lens hood. Focal ratio is reduced from 8.9 to 7.5

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