TAL-250K Special Order (OTA)

Technical Specifications:  
Aperture diameter, mm 250
Focal length, mm 2130
Aperture ratio 1:8.5
Resolution limit 0.5"
Magnification 85X,170X,213X,426X
Limiting stellar magnitude 14m
Optical Scheme Klevtsov /Cassegrain
Finder, visual magnification, x
objective lens diameter, mm
9X50, Illuminated
Focusing device 2", 1.25",Crayford
Tube length, mm 660
OTA Material Aluminum Alloy
Telescope weight, lbs 33

Comes with the following accessories:
9X50 Finderscope with mounting bracket
TAL Illuminator with 2 LR44 elements
90 Degree Star Diagonal 1.25" 2X Barlow Lens
10mm SuperPlossl eyepiece
25mm Super Plossl eyepiece
Crosshair reticle for eyepiece

TAL-250K 8.5 is the latest model of the Klevtsov/Cassegrain designed telescope. Primary mirror correction is made without removing the focusing mechanism during a simple star test. Portable design with a superior Klevtsov optical scheme and durable construction allows you to take this powerful telescope with you on the road, easily and worry-free. Klevtsov's revolutionary catadioptric design employs a sub-aperture meniscus correcting lens (like the familiar Maksutov) combined with a Mangin mirror-lens secondary. Diffraction artifacts are well controlled by unique curved spider vanes. OTA is made from an aluminum alloy.


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